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People Around the World Building Naturally

Learn what it means to build resiliency into our homes and buildings as well as our future by visiting these web sites and other links to our worldwide straw building community. These are the innovators you will meet and learn from at the 2012 International Straw Builders' Conference.


The Evergreen Institute


The Last Straw Journal

Solar Energy International

The Canelo Project

Natural Building Resources

Greenweaver Inc.

Straw and Timber Craftsmen

Visit our home site:
COSBA link

straw bale wall stacking

photo courtesy Mark Piepkorn.
from the 2006 ISBBC home tour


World Hands Project

Builders Without Borders

Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Building

Sustainable Nations Development Project

Community Rebuilds

One World Design 

Earthen Endeavors

Natural Building Network





Development Center for Appropriate Technology

Ecological Building Network


California Strawbuilding Association (CASBA)

Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition (OSBBC)

Australian Straw Bale Building Association (AUSBALE)

European Straw Bale Building Association (EUSBA)


COSBA board member Mark Schueneman's straw bale walls going up really fast!


Builders Without Borders, Eco House

Video introduction to prefabricated straw bale wall systems
Chris Magwood

European Straw Bale Gathering

Congressional Briefing on Straw Bale Construction; David Eisenberg, Laura Bartels

Building with Awareness

Bale Raising

Plaster demonstation

Tadelakt finish

Red Cloud Straw Bale Build,
Lakota Solar, Trees, Water & People

Kim Thompson, Load bearing

Tom Rijven, Plaster (French)
Tom Rijven, Plaster

Straw Bale Home by Single Mom